Aim and scope of the journal

Aims and scope of the journal

Arheologia is a research journal on archaeology and ancient history. The purpose of the publication is to familiarize the world scientific community with the latest achievements of Ukrainian and foreign research in the field of archaeology and ancient history. The journal contains articles on the following historical periods:

  • Stone Age archaeology
  • Eneolithic and Bronze Age
  • Early Iron Age
  • Antiquity
  • Slavic archaeology
  • archaeology of the Middle Ages and Early Modern times
  • archaeology of Kyiv

Discussed on the pages of the journal are general issues (Articles), methods of field archaeological research, the latest methods of artefact research (Methods of Field Research), matters of museuming and preservation of cultural and historical heritage (Protection of Monuments) in separate sections. Certain sections of the journal are devoted to publications of field research materials, museum and stock collections (Publications of Archaeological Materials), archival materials (Publication of Archival Materials). The most striking findings of the season, originating from the territory of Ukraine (New Discoveries and Findings) are published. The reader can get acquainted with scientific discussions (Discussions) and current issues of historiography (History of Science). Learn about the most interesting events in archaeology of Ukraine and the world (ChronicleReviewsNew Editions).

The journal’s audience are archaeologists, historians, ethnographers, museum staff, history teachers, students and all those interested in archaeology and ancient history of Ukraine and beyond.