Reviewing and publishing materials procedure

The article, publication, and other material duly decorated shall be submitted to the editorial department of the Institute of Archeology of the NAS of Ukraine (hereinafter - the edition). After reviewing the text for plagiarism and reviewing it by the responsible secretary for the correspondence of the subject matter of the journal, the article is submitted to the editorial staff for review. The manuscript is reviewed by a specialist who has a scientific degree and is a specialist in the subject matter of the article proposed for publication. If a positive article is prepared for review by the editorial board. Each member of the editorial board is a specialist in the subject, which is covered in the journal and is responsible for the relevant section of archeological sciences, which gives him the right to evaluate the quality of the materials presented. The responsible secretary defines a heading that includes the work under consideration. After that, the content and content of the issue is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief. Approval of the manuscript version of the journal takes place at a meeting of the Editorial Board. The license agreement is signed with the author and the article is being prepared for publication: edited, printed and so on. The authors check and sign the articles in the layout. After final approval for printing, the layout of the journal number is transferred to the printing house.