Stone Balls for Catapults from Olbia

  • Maryna A. Khomchyk National Museum of History of Ukraine.
  • Volodymyr А. Kahaniuk National Historic and Cultural Preserve «Olbia»
Keywords: Olbia, Lapidarium, stone missiles, catapults.


The archaeological expedition of the Institute of Archaeology discovered six stone missiles (balls) for stone-throwing machines at the National Historic and Archaeological Preserve «Olbia» of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries. Here, only four heaviest balls weighing from 3,5 to 10,1 kg are discussed. Similar missiles are not known in other museums of Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. This type of findings offers better illustration for hostilities that appeared in the period of the Ancient Greek city’s life. Presence of stone missiles in the collections of the Olbian Preserve allows revealing a new topic in the museum Lapidarium: «Military Science in Olbia»


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