Noninvasive and Archaeological Research at Late/Post Scythian Konsulivske Hillfort

  • Marcin Matera Institute of Archaeology, the University of Warsaw
  • Miron Bogacki Institute of Archaeology, the University of Warsaw
  • Wiesław Malkowski Institute of Archaeology, the University of Warsaw
Keywords: aerial photography, geophysical research methods, magnetometer measurements, the Dnipro River lower region, Konsulivske hill-fort.


Presented are the results of aerial photography and geophysical research methods at Konsulivske Late/Post Scythian hill-fort in the Dnipro River lower region. Described in detail is the location archaeological prospecting conducted at the hill-fort dated by the period from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD. Given are an orthophoto-map and topographical plans of the hill-fort, maps of magnetic anomalies and the results of electrical resistance measurements of soil mapped on an orthophoto-map and a map of magnetic anomalies. «Unusual» places clearly found during such prospecting at the territory of citadel at Konsulivske hill-fort enabled the discovery and successful archaeological research of a stone two-armoured defensive wall under the hill-fort’s bank. A detailed description of non-invasive methods of the archaeological prospecting will allow to implement them successfully in field research at other archaeological sites. Archaeological verification of the results obtained during the application of these methods at the sites showed the usefulness of their application during the research at one-layer settlement structures.


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