The Pottery of the “Citadel” Site of Dykyi Sad Hillfort

Keywords: Dykyi Sad hillfort, Late Bronze Age, Bilozerska culture, ceramic wares, cult wares.


The paper deals with the pottery from the rooms of “Citadel” of the hillfort Dykyi Sad. There were fixed 18 rooms at the Citadel territory (nr. 1—12; 14—16; 19—20; 24) where more than ten thousand fragments of ceramics were found relating to approximately 1,500 vessels of various purposes. 191 intact and partially broken vessels from the rooms nos. 1—12; 15; 19, 20, suitable for classification were selected.

The subject of the research is the handmade wares from the structures located at section “A” (“Citadel”). This territory of Dykyi Sad has been explored almost completely and constitutes an isolated location in the central part of the whole settlement, surrounded by a ditch from the south, west and north and by ravines from the east.

All material was classified into two groups: closed (127 fragments) and opened forms (55 fragments). Each group is divided into types (group of closed form wares — pots, jars-shaped cups, ladles, large pots; group of opened form wares — cups, bowls, braziers); the types were classifeid by form of neck and rim. Within the types the variants were selected by the shape of body. The separate, special group is formed from non-standard vessels which can be considered the cult (9 fragments).

The pots and large pots prevail among the closed forms while the bowls prevail in the group of opened forms.

The pottery from the “Citadel” site of Dykyi Sad in the cultural-chronological aspect belongs to the early stage of Bilozerska culture (the end of the 13th — 12th centuries BCE) and confirm that life on the territory of the site began namely from this area. This statement is also confirmed by the results of C14 analyzes (the range of dates from all the sites amounts 1186—925 BCE, ± 80 years).


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