Trypillian Gold: the Search Leads to Anatolia?

  • Mykhailo Yu. Videiko Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University
  • Tetiana Yu. Goshko Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University
Keywords: Trypillian Culture, Nebelivka settlement, pendant, gold, electrum, Аnatolia.


The several dozens of gold items have been already found at the sites of the Cucuteni-Trypillia cultural complex for more than 100 years of their exploration. However, the serious research of the sources of yellow metal have not been conducted until now. Recent discoveries in Ukraine have made it possible, at least partially, filling the gap in our knowledge about possible sources of gold and its processing during the Eneolithic.

Several years ago during the excavations of a public building (maybe a temple) at the Nebelivka settlement, Kirovohrad region (Trypillia culture, stage B-ІІ, c. 4000—3900 BCE), held in 2012 by Ukrainian-British expedition, the yellow metal pendant was discovered. It’s study permits to put the question of possible source of metal. By the spectral analysis it was defined as electrum (64 % of gold) related to the territory of the North-Western Anatolia, where the oldest electrum pieces are dated up to 4800—4600 years ago. This is one of the few evidences of the very distant connections of the Cucuteni-Trypillia cultural complex in the southern direction.


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