Journal “Arheologia”
Frequency: 4 times per year (quarterly)
Founded: 1947

Mass Media Registration Certificate:
КВ № 432 of 23.02.1994

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Founders and Publishers: Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


"Arheologia" is a scientific journal of Institute of Archaeology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine discussing problems of archaeology. It is the main professional publication in archaeology in Ukraine. The journal presents articles on ancient history and archaeology from Savagery till Middle Ages, publications of new materials and research results regarding monuments situated on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, biographic materials, reviews, chronicles. For the benefit of historians, local lore researchers, teachers, students of historical departments, everybody interested in the ancient history of Ukraine.

The policies of the editorial board of "Arheologia" are based on the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.

"Arheologia" contains original articles that embody the creative efforts of the author or a team of authors. The editorial board strictly adheres to the anti-plagiarism policy and publishes only those articles that have been reviewed.

All published material is subject to double-blind review.

In its work, the editorial board of the journal "Arheologia" is guided by the international ethical rules of scientific publications and adheres to the open access policy.

The publication is indexed by Google Scholar

Since 2016 the scientific publications of "Arheologia" are provided with digital object identifiers (DOI) by CrossRef.

"Arheologia" is referred in refereed journal Dzherelo; an electronic copy of the journal is kept at the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. 

The journal publishes articles for free. It does not advertise and financed from the budget.

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You can subscribe to "Arheologia" journal through SE “Press” subscription index – 74006.

Full journal texts are available:

Since 2012 - on the site of the Vernadsky National Library;

Since 1947-2016 - on the site of the Association of Ukrainian Archaeologists;

Since 2016 - on the website of the journal "Arheologia".

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No 4 (2020): Arheologia
Published: 2020-12-08

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